Beat Roulette Online Privacy and Legal Statement

"Beat roulette online" privacy and legal statement. Rules and the conditions of using the particular betting service - all that you have to know and agree upon.

In order to start using our services, you have to take into consideration and agree to the following rules:

You have to be of appropriate age to be allowed to gamble, according to the state of your origin, and also according to our rules. Besides, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you are legally permitted to gamble, for any other possible reason involved.

Our Company is dedicated to legality of our business, and we will not accept bets if they aren't in accordance with our rules.

You have to agree not to abuse any of our rules or the quality of our offer in any way.

Changes of a Policy

Over the time, there could be some changes in our Policy, and you will be notified about them on our pages. In order to continue using our services, we will ask you to read and understand all the changes, and to agree on them. Without your agreeing to our terms, you wouldn't be able to use your account in any way, including gaming, transactions of any kind, nor to open another account on our pages.

In any case, we preserve the right to make changes at our sole discretion, any time.

You have to fully understand and accept all of our condition, including the fact that our decision to play and bet on our pages is exclusively your responsibility, and so will be any dispute resulting from your incorrect data provided or your behavior during the time you will be spending using our services.

According to our Policy, we won't be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss or delay resulting from malfunctions of computer hardware or software, problems with Internet connection or any other 'vis major' cases. In addition, we reserve the right to stop and/or cancel any transaction connecting or resulting from such incidents.

Our Company will provide all the necessary measures of assurance to avoid such cases.

The Disputes

Our Company will deal with any dispute or claim our customers properly notify us about within 90 days. Any dispute cannot be considered after this period.

In case of a dispute, our stuff will do whatever is possible in order to resolve them, including all kinds of claims and general questions.

If they won't be able to resolve the matter, the senior stuff members will be including in making the decision.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service will be included in cases where we wouldn't be able to agree on mutual satisfaction, so the problem will be solved on the higher level of decision making, with the prior condition of submitting all the necessary documents and facts, for both sides interested.

In the presence of evidence for any illegal activity and/or breaking our page rules and conditions, or the fair play, we preserve the exclusive right to freeze any transaction until the matter is resolved.