Roulette Wheel Types and Layouts

Roulette Wheel Layout Small wheel is the English meaning of roulette which is French in origin. You may be at home with how roulette is played. Whether you are playing roulette online or in the bricks and mortar casino there is always a croupier also known as the dealer who spins the wheel. In the online roulette the croupier is electronic while in live casino it is a human person.

The croupier spins the wheel in one direction and then the ball in an opposite direction. The ball will rotate in the wheel until it finally rests on a slot in the roulette table.

The nature of roulette wheel

Roulette wheel has two versions, namely, European roulette wheel and American roulette wheel. There are 37 number slots in European wheel while the American version has 38 slots. The American roulette wheel has additional double zero numbered pocket which has the same colour with 0 slot, namely, green.

The 00 slot in American wheel does not profit the players. It is the casinos that gain from it. This is why European roulette should be played regularly if you can avoid the American roulette.

The numbered slots on the roulette table are arranged such that red and black are used to alternate them. There is a uniform arrangement of numbers in both versions of roulette wheel. In the European version the numbering starts from 0 slot and then ends at 26. The numbering is clockwise.

In the American roulette the numbering sequence begins from 0 and then stops at 2. The 00 slot is located in between 1 and 27.

Another difference that exists between the two versions of roulette is seen in their house advantage. The house advantage of American roulette is 5-26% which is far greater than that of European roulette which is only 2.7%. Indeed the difference is remarkable and therefore should be taken into consideration each time you want to play roulette in any casino. If the casino offers the two versions it will be to your advantage if you play European version.

The roulette table has three sectors. The numbers that are located between 22 which is black in colour and 25 which is red in colour in European roulette when you move clockwise belong to the neighbours of zero sector.

There is another sector called the third sector. The numbers here are opposite to the 0 slot. They start from red 27 to black 33 but in clockwise direction also.

The last sector is known as the orphans. They are the rest of the numbers in the wheel.

Playing European always is the best advice you will get from this article because the chance of winning is higher. If you want to see the difference between American and European roulette by your own eyes you should find US casinos. Betfair casino is an excellent place to do it!