Does Online Roulette System Exist?

Gamblers always try to use online roulette system to win this game in spite of the fact roulette is the game of luck. Find out more here.

Roulette Playing System The roulette is a game of luck: much of it depends on chance. When it comes to applying strategies there is very little that can be done in that regards of strategy. What the player needs to keep in mind is the rules that the casino applies. Depending on the casino the special rules that apply are likely to differ and there is the chance of you not knowing the rules and getting yourself in a position you will find difficult to wiggle out from.

Main Rules

Just as black jack has a surrender option among the rules, there also is a surrender option in roulette. This rule is not the same in roulette as in the black jack and should not be confused for one another. This surrender rule applies not to the bet within but to those outside. Here rather than lose your entire bet, you get to lose only half of it when the ball ends up on either 0 or 00. Though you do not get to have very lovely bets outside, by choosing a table that the surrender rules apply, you get to improve the odds against you.

The strategy that this rule presents to you is the simplest of the strategies available. What you have to do is to ensure that the table you are playing has one 0 with this you reduce the edge that the house has over you to 2.7% from 5.26%.

Rule no 2 that you should stick to is to seek out the European tables. You can always check up the pages of the Roulette probabilities to have a better understanding of numbers. Though the European table is found more commonly in Europe, you can still access one in the gambling world. With this the chance of you getting your pocket filled with money increases.

Rule no 3 is known as En Prison. Here when you land on 0, you do not lose your bet instantly, you get to spin again to determine the fate of your bet. The bet is said to be En Prison. If you still spin 0, bet still remains En Prison. If you win, there is no extra, only the previous win comes to you.

Different Wheels

When it comes to wheels and strategies, statistically they are absurd as the probabilities for each of the numbers getting spun are all the same. This should be kept in mind at all times. The difference in the European and American wheel lies in the 00. This is present in the American and lacking in the European wheel. So if possible stick to European wheels only.