Playing Roulette Online: Basics and Tips

Roulette is the most favourite casino game in Europe today. The game comes in two variants. Read about playing roulette online.

Roulette is the most highly played casino game in Europe. Even players, who prefer free games, play roulette sometimes. The reason why most gamblers prefer roulette is because roulette rules are simple coupled with its odds which are appreciable. Besides, a single spin of the wheel can change your life.

Roulette is a French world that means "a little wheel". Roulette owes its popularity to the Monte Carlo casino. It is from this casino that roulette gets to other part of the world. Today, it is difficult to see a casino that does not offer roulette game to the players.

Roulette Variations

Roulette Variations

There are two versions of roulette, namely, the European version and the American version of roulette. There are differences between the two versions of roulette. In the European roulette, there are a total of 36 numbered pockets as well as a single zero pockets. On the other hand the American roulette has a total of 36 numbered pockets but with 0 pockets and also a 00 pockets number.

Another difference between the American roulette and European roulette can be seen in the arrangement of the number on the wheel. In the European roulette, the arrangement of the numbered pockets follows no order, while the reverse is the case with American roulette. In American roulette the numbers arrangement has some order. This explains why many people who think that they know what roulette is in actual fact do not know much about it.

Roulette as game of luck

The story of Charles Wells explains more why roulette is described as a game of luck. Charles Wells was an Englishman. In June 1891, he came to a casino in Monte Carlo with only 10,000 franc. In a couple of days he became a millionaire playing roulette. He came back after four months and made another one million franc through roulette again.

The following year luck ran out of Charles. He came back to the casino and lost all the money he has made. Being left with nothing, he turned a criminal. He ended up dying as a poor man. Charles himself explained that he won the huge amount not through the application of any special strategy but only because he was lucky.

The above clearly explains how roulette works. It is purely predicated on luck. You can win millions today and lose all tomorrow just in a twinkle of an eye.