Pivot Roulette System

All experienced gamblers prefer strategies to win gambling games and roulette in particular. Though it is not easy, they use Pivot system.

Roulette is a game that is associated with many systems. We have done some reasonable research on these systems. We made sure that each of these systems is properly examined and tested. Our aim is to make sure that we give you the best system that will increase your probability of winning. It does matter your level in roulette. Our research takes into consideration all levels of players. No matter your level, you will sure find the best system suitable for you.

Pivot System

Pivot Roulette System

It is believed that all roulette wheels work randomly and it is impossible to guess what number this or that wheel will show you next time. However, Pivot roulette system is based on a thought that not all roulette wheels are as random as they are believed to be.

What do we have? Pivot system tells us the following thing: some numbers of roulette wheels are more often than others and that is why it is not difficult to count how often this or that number will appear on the wheel. The system tells that 1 number will be repeated once per 24 spins.

How to count

According to Pivot system you will definitely win once per 38 spins and the sooner you win - the bigger your winning will be; if you win at 38th spin - it will be a tie. As we can see, roulette tips do not work much for this roulette system and, frankly speaking, it does not seem to be reliable enough.

Anyway, every gambler choose his/her own system to win roulette or does not use any system at all because does not believe they work.