Martingale Roulette System

The way the Martingale roulette system works is by principle of doubling your bets. When you loss, you double your bet until you win.

To maximize winnings through the Martingale system, one needs to first understand how the system works. Through the martingale system you can still make a profit even after a series of loss. An example can be seen below.

Bets in martingale roulette system

From above you will observe that each time the player loses he has to double his bet. At the end of four bets, where he has lost three, the player has a total win of £24 and a total loss of £21. Making the necessary adjustment you find that the player gets to make a profit of £3. The player can then proceed back to a bet of £3.

You can stick to this system and feel safe, you don't have to worry about if you win half of the hands played; your concern is based primarily on not losing for a long streak at a go. Even if all you end up with is a total win of 20% or 40% you still have no cause to raise an alarm.

Maximizing your chances through the martingale system will require you having to maximize your limit of double ups. You will need to begin your bet from the table's minimum and ensure that you have at least double the maximum limit of the table cash in your pocket. For a table that has a maximum of £1,000, ensure to have £2,000 handy before proceeding with the game.


Martingale System

You should never get carried away by the success of this technique, as this can be dangerous for you. You can join many of the players who stick to the win and run pattern. If you have a target, when you reach it, don't be tempted to wait further if you are still winning. With this the casino has less chances of having you on the losing end. Also never bet beyond 50 times the minimum bet you have. Stick to within 10 to 50 of your minimum.

You can apply the Martingale system into any casino game, the pattern is for you to bet against the previous win. When the previous win was a low bet, you bet high bet next and when it is a black you bet red next.

Going against Martingale

If you choose not to follow the Martingale system, you can opt for the Anti-Martingale also known as the Reverse Martingale. Here you lower your bet when you loss and increase your bet when you win. If you chose this option then you will need more bankroll than the Martingale requires.