American roulette wheel

Find out how American roulette wheel differs from other ones and why gamblers do not like it much when choose to play roulette game online.

American Roulette Wheel The pockets present in American roulette are 38 and are through 0 to 36 and 00. The direction at which the wheel rotates when it is spun is in the anti clockwise direction. After the wheel has been spun, the dealer will spin the ball in the opposite direction (i.e. clockwise). The forces that hold the ball to the rim is attributed to be centrifugal. As the speed with which the ball moves drops, the ball will slip into one of the 38 pockets that are available. And the number of the pocket where it lands establishes the winner of that spin.


The numbers of the pockets are randomly arranged and are made out in such a way that they have the probability of having various possibilities of where to land. We find that there is an alternation of black colors and red colors, also there is an alternating even number with an odd number. You will find preceding numbers to be opposite one another across the wheel.

This arrangement of numbers on the board makes it very unpredictable to determine how the table might turn. The betting system is made unique also by this and has it set in a manner that no player has an undue advantage over others. While the game can be enticing and inviting the player should keep in his mind that it is a very unpredictable game.

Layout of American Roulette

The system that is employed by America wheel is the use of tokens that have different colors and are known as chips. With the colored chip you can easily determine which a European wheel is and which an American Wheel is. The chips that are used by an individual in the European are always made of the same color. The America roulette makes it possible to identify the different bets of an individual with the different colors, another fun is the fact that you cannot determine if an individual is using a $50 or $1 chip if you are there when the player bought it.

If you chose to play American Roulette, all that you need is to walk to the table and lay down your chips. Take time to understand the rules of the table as they differ one from another. You should also keep in mind that for the American roulette, there is a restriction on the amount that you can wager with both on the outside and also inside the wheel.

You will find most players hopping towards the European Roulette Wheel; this is because there they have a higher probability of winning. As for me, I will stick to the America roulette wheel.